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Change of course, by Joanie Courcy-Fortin, OCR athlete

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Change of course, by Joanie Courcy-Fortin, OCR athlete

Sometimes we go through events that change your life upside down for the better. We learn to adapt and to live with it. All my life, hockey was my number one passion. I would dream of sharing the ice rink with the best players out there. One day somebody told me that I had lost my stamina, my speed, and that I was not the best out there anymore. Ouch! A real « wake up call » as people would say.

I always thought that hockey was helping me stay in shape, but I was way wrong. You need to get in shape to be a hockey player. That is why I started going to the gym like any other recreative athlete would do. One morning, my friend texted me to compete in a Spartan race in June. I did not really understand why she was asking me and there was no way that I could possibly compete in one of those races. I hated running more than anything. My pride made me change my mind very quickly.

In March 2014, I put on running shoes and went running for the first time in my life. Longest and hardest thing I’ve ever done! After only a few week and many negative thoughts, I slowly started to enjoy running where I was in harmony with nature and at complete peace with myself. In May, I competed in my first obstacle course race in Saguenay. It was at that moment that I fell in love with the sport. My knees were bleeding, my hands were full of dried mud, my body was wet, but I had the biggest smile on my face. I knew that it would not be my last race. For three years now, I learn more and more about myself everytime I do a race and I see every obstacle as a personal challenge. Race after race, I am always proud of my performances and efforts, and a medal is always the best award. Whenever I need an adrenaline boost and a little energy boost Chewpod is there to save the day! It is not always easy to mix family, work, and trainings, but I consider myself beyond lucky to be surrounded by amazing supporting people in my life. I am very proud of the person I have become with this new passion. In opening my eyes to more than just hockey, I came to the realization that I was not in love with the sport anymore.

During a race this summer I realized that I was scared of the water. Panic and scary thoughts were envading my head, but as soon I calmed myself down, I had promised myself that it would never happen again. For a month now, I go swim at least twice a week in hopes to compete in my first sprint triathlon in the coming season. A huge challenge that stimulates me! Swimming is no problem for me now. In fact, I enjoy it as much as running. After I competed in the Spartan Race Beast (21km) in Montreal, I swore to myself that I would never do something like that again. The following day, all I wanted to do was to do it again, but faster. I also told myself that I would do the Ultra Beast which is a 42 kilometers race. I have been doing crossfit for over a year now and it is a sport that helps me grow internally. Everyday, I gain strenght, speed, and agility. You experience victories all the time and challenge yourself to harder things. I learned to live and to surpass myself. Even when you are in pain, that your legs are on fire, that you heart is racing and there’s blood all over your hands…and that you love what you’re doing…that’s what passion is.

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