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Did you know that social media and your brain doesn’t fit well together…

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How to avoid falling into the trap of social media and losing all your concentration.

It must have happened to you at least once to have concentration problems at work or at school; cognitive breakdown! As efficient as you can be, the amount of information that you can store and control is limited. The quantity of information that you receive and generate is tremendous; it follows you every day, giving you little respite to focus.

Over the 7.4 billion human beings, 3.42 billion are Internet users (46%) and 2.31 billion are active on social networks (31% of world population). The time spent on these social networks is roughly 1 hour 20 minutes per day (France). Overall, 20 minutes per day are spent on Facebook. Of course, these numbers don’t count all the searches that are done on all search engines, where Google is king with more than 90% of the market segment (far ahead of Bing and Yahoo).

Without a doubt, Facebook takes over the major part of social networks with 1.8 billion users. Who comes in second and third place before Instagram (500 million) and Twitter (317 million)? Qzone (653 million) and Tumblr (555 million).


6e Baidu Tieba (300 million)

7e Sina Weibo (222 million)

8e Pinterest (150 million)

9e LinkedIn (106 million)

10e Vkontakte (100 million)

Good to know:

  • Women use social networks more than men. They represent 81% of Pinterest members, 61% of Instagram members and 57% of Facebook users.
  • On Instagram, pictures that show faces have 38% more likes than any other type of pictures.
  • Shopify and Pinterest users spend 80$ in general. Those from Facebook spend an average of 40$.
  • In Canada, 41% of teenagers use Snapchat, which represent 3% more than in the United States.

The real challenge is to mobilize physical and mental resources during a long period of time to generate efficiency.

Let’s take social networks; the first strategy is to sort the information received. Even though it might be difficult, try to access non-essential information once an hour or even two times a day. It will leave your brain free to accomplish fundamental tasks.

If you need to, turn off your electronic devices for a couple of hours; your concentration will be better.

It’s better to check social networks/emails 10 minutes every hour than 1 minute every 5 minutes.

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