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Gaming; More Than a Game!

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  • Wed, Nov 01, 17

We immediately think of a young 15 years old teenager alone in the dark sitting in front of his screen for several hours. It’s not the case anymore, that community of 1.8 billion gamers is very well structured and diversified. The average age is 35 years old and is composed of almost as many men (56%) as women (44%). There are as many 18 years old gamers (26%) glued to their screens as gamers older than 50 years old (27%).

The 3 large categories of players are equally split:

  • Social players; they play alone or with others. It’s normally online games without download (sports, finding objects. simulation….);
  • Action players; the emphasis is put on physical challenges like fighting or shooting games, online games (multiplayer), Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG);
  • Single players; cards, puzzles, scrabble….

Just a game; not for everyone! The younger ones usually prefer action games (30%). In 2015, the gamers broadcasting on Youtube had more than 3.5 billion views watch month…. The specialised Twitch channel (games and e-sports streaming) is hosting more than 9.7 million active users every day! Broadcastings of online competition have drawn more than 70 million people around the world. We are talking about a high-level competition. The international 2016 event gave away a total prize of more than 20M $US;; the winning team, composed of 5 players, was awarded 9.1 M $ US. Even the sixth team left Seattle as millionaire! This competition is played with the Dota 2 game. You want to participate? The event will take place in August; but there are qualifications.


Many competitions are played with other games; the second most popular is most certainly League of Legends, which has attracted more than 43 million views during the tournament in 2016 with a total prize of more than 6 M $US. With smaller prizes (2M $US), Call of Duty (Black Ops III) attracts its lot of adepts.

These competitions last more than 50 continuous hours. The participants use lots of energy drinks to keep them awake. The expected effects end quickly; energy and focus decrease rapidly and gamers are being overcome with fatigue. Chewpod is a simple and effective way to stay focused on your screen.

Chewpod (Energy on Demand, Focus on Demand and Sleep on Demand) is the best alternative to products that are said to be energising, preventing the crash that your opponent is waiting to eliminate you!

Speed – Efficacy – Security

What is Chewpod?

Chewpod is your new secret weapon that will make you live your life to the fullest! In other words, Chewpod are chewable tablets with real benefits on your energy, concentration and ability to recuperate.


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